Naples overthrows Pesaro with the exes. Feldi Eboli, extended state of grace



There is no doubt that in Aversa all eyes were on those who have the tricolor on their chests and those who want to snatch it from them. At the PalaJacazzi, Pesaro’s absences are counted but not felt. Colini is without De Oliveira, Ruan, Fortini, Duda Dal Cin and Putano but surprises the leaders with restarts. On one of them it is Murilo Schiochet who inserts Pietrangelo. The Azzurri poured into the opponent’s half of the field and collected many goals: Lopez saved everything, but Borruto, one of the many exes, managed to overcome him. But Italservice strikes again, this time Diego Pires substantiates the deadly restart. New Phlegraean siege, young Paappanen makes a big mistake by letting Honorio (another ex) take him from behind, a handy assist for Borruto who can’t go wrong from close range: 2-2 at the break. With the numbered men, Colini also tries to slow down the pace with the 5vs4 in the second half, but the ex-Mateus’ goal shuffles the cards. Paappanen loses another bloody ball in midfield in a tackle with Borruto, who opens the net closing the accounts in advance: Mateus still signs it, supports the net. Pesaro is out, Borruto’s hat-trick is over: 5-2. Five, like the advantage points, again, the leader of Naples on Olympus Rome.

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The first of the two SkyMatches at the PalaJacazzi in Aversa confirms the balance of power between Feldi and Petrarch. Padua is not that of last year, but that has been known since the beginning of the championship and from a ranking that sees Luca Giampaolo’s boys breaded in the fight to avoid relegation, Eboli is in a state of grace that has lasted since early 2023. Since the Volpi di Samperi have regained the mental and physical energy that the Champions League sapped them, they haven’t been wrong. There is history for a while until Calderolli uncorks the match a second after the double whistle. In the second half, Feldi lays it down: Venancio doubles, Guilhermao and Venancio drop poker again. The 4-0 is worth third place, but catching up with one game: Olympus Roma are not far away.


This i Results of the nineteenth day: L84-360GG Monastir 2:0, Melilli City – Olimpus Rome 3:4, Ciampino Aniene – Real San Giuseppe 5:4, Nuova Comauto Pistoia – Meta Catania 7:3, Fortitudo Pomezia – Came Dosson 3-3, Futsal Pescara-Sandro Abate 7-2, Feldi Eboli-Petrarca 4-0, Napoli Futsal-Italservice Pesaro 5-2. classification: Napoli Futsal 45, Olimpus Roma* 40, Feldi Eboli 37, Futsal Pescara 36, ​​​​Came Dosson 35, L84 34, Sandro Abate 31, Real San Giuseppe** 26, Fortitudo Pomezia 25, Meta Catania 23, Ciampino Aniene 22, Italservice Pesaro 19, 360GG Monastir 16, Petrarca 15, Nuova Comauto Pistoia** 11, City of Melilli 4. *three penalty points. **one penalty point.


bitonto in the lead yes, but only in the regular season of the Serie A Puro Bio, for two reasons: The girls from Marzuoli don’t give an increasingly crisis-ridden city a chance and prevail 4-1 in the Apulian derby TikiTaka Francavilla he injures himself, falls into the house. What happens in Montesilvano is really incredible: with the unveiling of Pelletterie, it’s a game full of critical points, but the Giallorossi lead 2-1 with a minute to go. Then something incredible happens: the Tuscans score two goals in twenty seconds and set so everything upside down. TikiTaka Francavilla even third in the table together with the city of Falconara (7:1 on bottom Vis Fondi), because Pescara competes 1:0 against Gorgonzola and overtakes. In the other matches very point-heavy for Audace Verona and Rovigo Orange: Both win rescue fights 5:1, partly against Irpinia, partly against Molfetta.


This i Results Day of matchday 17 of Women’s Futsal Serie A: Lazio-VIP 6-5, Audace Verona-PSB Irpinia 5-1, Rovigo Orange-Women Molfetta 5-1, Kick Off-Pescara Women 0-1, TikiTaka-Francavilla- Pelletterie 2 – 3, City Falconara-Vis Fondi 7-1, Bitonto-Italcave Stade 4-1. classification: Bitonto 44, Pescara Female 43, TikiTaka Francavilla and Falconara 41, Kick Off 27, Pelletterie 25, Lazio 24, Rovigo Orange and VIP 20, Female Molfetta 14, PSB Irpinia 11, Italcave RealSTATTE 7, Vis Fondi 1.

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