Napoli and women’s Pescara, the futsal regular season is yours



One day shy of the end of the regular season is enough for Napoli Futsal to close the accounts in pursuit of dominance. Cacau’s side beat Fortitudo Pomezia 6-4 in their third win in as many games since arriving in Italy to secure first place, important in the postseason as the Azzurri can play all crucial games at home. Behind is scramble. Olympus Rome finds Treasure Island: overtaken 5-2 in Sestu and jumped to second place thanks to a KO by Feldi in Pesaro. In the third hour there is Despas Pescara winning the SkyMatch against Real San Giuseppe. The surprising defeat (6:3) of L84 against the already relegated Pistoia is irrelevant: neroverdi for the first time in the playoffs.


With 40 minutes to go in the championship, the last available post-season spot in strong tricolor colors is currently back in the hands of Meta Catania, taking advantage of the derby with Melilli (11-2) to score from all rivals. In the end, however, the chapter of salvation is far from written, as Italservice Pesaro wins and, apart from a save by Ciampino Aniene, keeps the others in suspense thanks to the 5:3 against Avellino and a possible better goal difference in direct games against all direct competitors. A bit like Petrarch vacating Dosson and back in contention for the playouts after losing Monastir. This i Results of the penultimate round of Serie A New Energy: Meta Catania – Città di Melilli 11:2, Italservice Pesaro 7:2, Napoli Futsal – Fortitudo Pomezia 6:4, Real San Giuseppe – Futsal Pescara 4:9, Nuova Comauto Pistoia – L84 6 -3, 360GG Monastir-Olimpus Rome 2-5, Came Dosson-Petrarca 1-7, Ciampino Aniene-Sandro Abate 5-3. classification: Napoli Futsal 62, Olimpus Roma* 57, Futsal Pescara 56, Feldi Eboli 55, Sandro Abate Avellino and Came Dosson 47, L84 45, Meta Catania 42, Ciampino Aniene, Fortitudo Pomezia and Real San Giuseppe** 40, Italservice Pesaro 37, 360GG Monastir 29, Petrarch 28, Nuova Comauto Pistoia** 23, City of Melilli 4. *three penalty points, **one penalty point.


A worthy conclusion to the most exciting of all exciting films Women’s Series A. Unbeaten leaders Pescara recovered from the end with 3:3 in Lupari 50″, drew with the VIP and was hooked in the general classification of Bitonto (12:2 with kick off in the replay of the last Italian Cup final), but won regular Season due to the favorable direct encounters with the neroverdi These are the verdicts after the last round: Falconara and Francavilla (third and fourth) in the championship playoffs together with Kick Off, Lazio, VIP and that Pelletterie that in Molfetta (the one with 3-2 is saved) lose but still remain eighth Brave Verona-Irpinia the playout for permanence in the category This i Results of the last round of Serie A PuroBio: Tikitaka Francavilla-Audace Verona 3-1, Kick Off-Bitonto 2-12, Città Di Falconara-Italcave RealSTATTE 4-1, Molfetta Female-Pelletterie 3-2, Vip-Pescara Female 3 – 3, Lazio – Psb Irpinia 4: 4, Rovigo Orange – Vis Fondi 3: 4. classification: Pescara Female and Bitonto 68, City of Falconara 63, TikiTaka Francavilla 61, Kick Off 45, Lazio 38, VIP 32, Pelletterie 28, Rovigo Orange and Female Molfetta 27, Audace Verona 25, Irpinia 22, Italcave Realstatte 13, Vis Fondi 4.

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