National team, Spalletti coach? The coach thinks about it, between Clause and Napoli


The FIGC have chosen the Italian champions’ coach and Gravina will not return, but the clause issue raises Luciano’s doubts: the alternative is Conte

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The choice has been made and as far as the FIGC intends there is no turning back: Luciano Spalletti is the new coach of the national team according to President Gabriele Gravina and he made it clear to him. Spalletti also wants the national team, let’s say he would like it very much. But in the last few hours he has been plagued by doubts that go beyond or, in any case, complement the legal and economic issues related to the “famous” clause that the President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, claims is intended to be paid Release him and allow him to accept the job of coaching Italy. But these are doubts that are nourished precisely by this story: because this tug of war created a climate that Spalletti does not like. positions of politicians, rumours Insidiously, this feeds the suspicion that Napoli could risk revenge on the FIGC. Or that Spalletti might struggle to manage the Napoli side. Spalletti is very attached to the city to which he gave the Scudetto after 33 years, he has Napoli tattooed on his skin: he would never want to be against a place he loves. Most importantly, he believes it is legitimate for a technician who embraces a coaching career to approach it with broad acceptance, accompanied by recognition and not with problems off the pitch.

The “Counting Plan”

Doubts and anguish that Spalletti witnesses with annoyance: perfectly legitimate, but Gravina must be able to name with certainty as soon as possible the name of the new coach who will take Roberto Mancini’s place. Spalletti must reflect on and resolve his reservations by today or tomorrow at the latest: the president and coach have promised each other that. The formal announcement would therefore come early next week and the FIGC still expect to be able to formalize the agreement with the Tuscan coach. That would start on September 1 and last until 2026: the “natural” deadline of the agreement, which coincides with the next World Cup. Otherwise, Gravina must resolutely take the alternative path: the path that leads to Antonio Conte, which of course would be anything but a second choice, but at the same time it is a more complex hypothesis from the outset. The ex-coach has already declared and renewed his willingness to explore a possible new role: unlike Spalletti, he has already managed Italy and that experience has stayed with him, as has his love for the national team. However, reconnecting specific threads is not necessarily automatic. Gravina has discussed almost everything with Spalletti and agrees on everything, even if the issue of the role of manager of the three main national teams, agreed with Mancini, has not been raised. With Conte, on the other hand, there are still various problems to be clarified. And time is pressing, very much.

The obstacle clause

Spalletti’s emerging doubts aside, the hurdle clause in the manager’s contract with Napoli (which, if ‘cancelled’ would amount to €2.5m as of September 1st) and the rigid stance taken remain in the background – and reiterated in a statement dated September 15th August – by Aurelio De Laurentiis. And we are also thinking about that these days. First of all to the technician. Who, when we contacted him, proved to be extremely motivated towards the President’s proposal – this determination impressed him very much – and immediately began to consider whether and, above all, how he should shoulder the burden in disputes with De Laurentiis, who supports if they are already sitting on the blue bench.

The Legal Opinions

A question that, even before it is economic, is above all of a legal nature: Because it is about the chances of winning a possible dispute or not having to deal with it at all. Of course, should controversy inevitably arise, Spalletti would be assisted by the Federation and his attorneys as necessary. However, the coach is already supported by his son Samuele, who maintains contacts with the lawyers involved in the matter and with Napoli football. A young but already established lawyer, he is associated with the very important Milan law firm Gattai and Minoli partnerswho prepared an opinion. Basically, we have to support the thesis that the clause in Spalletti’s contract is a ‘non-compete’ clause and therefore has no active value in the event of a contract being signed with the national team. Obviously a different date than at a club. Above all, however, the assumption that a clause prohibiting in practice cannot be legitimate complete of working.

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