NBA Draft Lottery wins San Antonio and selects Wembanyama


Coach Popovich’s team can make the first decision on June 22nd. Linked from Paris, the French talent rejoices with his family: “I will remember this moment forever”

San Antonio wins the lottery. The Spurs will be the first pick in the June 22nd draft. And with number 1, it’s already known that they’ll be calling Frenchman Victor Wembanyama, a child prodigy prospectus who was the object of the lusts of the 14 franchises excluded from the 2023 playoffs and entering the lottery. Black and silver fans cheer in Texas as the most coveted verdict arrives from Chicago at 2:26 a.m. on Italian night. The countdown is on to pick number 2 and says Charlotte Hornets, leaving San Antonio ahead of everyone else.

Spur number 1

They had finished the season with a record of 22 wins and 60 losses and had a 14 percent chance of winning the lottery, the highest with Houston and Detroit. Fate helped them in time of need. As he did in two other blessed drafts in this area, in 1987 with the first pick, which they named David Robinson, the admiral Then, as he grew to be a franchise man extraordinaire, in 1997 they again had the #1 to turn into Tim Duncan, one of the greatest players of all time. The two then won two titles together, in 1999 and 2003, then Timmy was able to win three more with Ginobili and Parker as squires. Wembanyama, rightly or wrongly, is seen as an epochal future. So if there is no two without three…

Wembanyama’s words

He, connected from Paris, wears a white T-shirt and a beige sports jacket and is dying of happiness. He is filmed by the cameras while, surrounded by his family, a white mother, a black father, he applauds, clenches his fists in jubilation and even, almost moved, puts his hands in front of his face, drunk with joy. In short, it seems, at least at first glance, that he was extremely pleased with the next target. He had placed the hourglass on his Twitter profile a few minutes before the lottery order was announced, he was anxiously waiting for it, the next tweet was “Today was a good day”. Here are the words to ESPN’s mics: “A special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I want to win a ring as soon as possible. In short, he doesn’t hide but raises expectations as if expectations weren’t already huge. Eight feet tall and 19 years old, currently engaged with the Metropolitans 92 in the French championship, he will be sand for sand for coach Popovich, 74, who at this point knows when he will stop coaching. Certainly not in the foreseeable future when such talent is on the way.

NBA, lottery all right

1) San Antonio; 2) Charlotte; 3) Portlands; 4) Houston; 5) Detroit; 6) Orlando; 7) Indiana; 8) Washington; 9) Utah; 10) Dallas; 11) Orlando (via Bulls); 12) Oklahoma City; 13) Toronto; 14) New Orleans.

jokes about fate

The Blazers get an assist from the blindfolded goddess: They don’t win the lottery, but they climb up to third place, which could mean a quality boost for Dame Lillard or a key ability to trade to get a player instantly ready to take her franchise support man. Unless, in Oregon, they decide to smash the toy and swap the #0… The other major news is that Detroit, despite having the worst record of the season, ended up only opting for the #5. A twist of fate, a slap in the face to tanking, a habit of systematically losing to rebuild by snagging the best draft prospects. The lottery reform implemented by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is working. He compared the odds of winning the lottery for those finishing behind everyone to those second to bottom, there are fewer and fewer certainties and the regular season is at least less affected by tanking than in the past. Of course, Ben Wallace, the old-time glory who represented the Pistons on the occasion, was hoping for a lot more help from the basketball gods… Among other things, Silver said in Chicago, the venue of the event organized for the lottery: “Morant? A shock what I saw.” The director of the Memphis Grizzlies is therefore risking a major disqualification for the latest social video in which he is seen holding a gun. Other Lottery Verdicts: The Dallas Mavericks retain the pick, the No. 10 actually protected top 10 compared to the Knicks, who will definitely receive the No. 10 Texans in 2024 or 2025 (position 11-30). war is a cascading case of trade for Porzingis. Instead, the Chicago Bulls lose the pick, their (original) number 11 going to Paolo Banchero’s Orlando Magic.

other NBA prospectuses

Wembanyama, sure. Above all. But not only. Alabama University forward Brandon Miller and G League (Ignite Team) guard Scoot Henderson are the others under watch. We’ll see which of the two will be picked behind the Frenchman. Now the Hornets and Blazers will scrutinize them. Still, they’re a nice consolation prize.

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