Olimpus Roma defeated Pescara in extra time: it’s the championship final


Olimpus Roma is the first Scudetto finalist of the men’s futsal season. Strengthened by the blitz in Game 1 in Pescara, D’Orto’s team is suffering more than expected, they need extra time, but in the end he won 4-1 at PalaOlgiata. Beaten by Micheletto early in the game, the Blues cling to Ducci’s saves, kisses from Dea Bendata (Pescara claims six posts) but manage to take a pearl (a lob) in Game 2 of the second-half seeding realign ) from the usual Dimas: The 1:1 remains, we go into extra time, where the Capitolini take off. Rafinha, Cutrupi and Sacon were the crucial part to win the final.