Olympus Rome at the last sigh. Came, San Giuseppe and Petrarch win



At the PalaOlgiata, a lively and pleasant match between two protagonists of this regular season. Olympus Rome takes off with a rocket: He scores immediately with Marcelinho (he will be the match winner) and doubles with Joselito. Difficult first half for an unusually distracted Feldi Eboli and not very effective in the offensive phase. However, Rossoblù’s goals came in the second half: they were signed by Selucio and, 2’35” from the end, by the usual Guilhermao. As everything points to the solo point for the part, Marcelinho’s flash comes a second before the end: it’s a three-point shot, a very tough 3-2 that puts D’Ortos Capitolini just two lengths from the front for now. A week to forget for the Volpi di Samperi: After the first defeat in 2023 (on penalties) in the division cup derby against Real San Giuseppe, the league was also stopped.


The setback of Feldi Eboli, but also the tie of a too discontinuous Pescara, not going beyond the 2-2 in Sestu against the precarious 360GG Monastir, livens up the ambitions of a came that he always has something extra at home, even IF it goes below that. Everything happens at PalaDosson in the first half in a direct clash with promoted L84: Turmena and Josiko fool one of the finalists of the Division Cup. The Treviso players respond with an amen with the returnee Vieira and Galliani, Belsito’s decisive overtaking maneuver worthy of third place. In terms of the playoffs, it’s a pro round from Real San Giuseppe: the other semi-finalist of the Double Division Cup Pistoia and extends his lead to +4 over Fortitudo Pomezia, defeated early in Pesaro. In the end, however, platinum points for a great Petrarca: Luca Giampaolo’s team lengthens the Ciampino Aniene and overcomes the now third from last 360GG Monastir.


This i Results Matchday 20 of Serie A New Energy: Sandro Abate Avellino – Città di Melilli 8:5, Italservice Pesaro – Fortitudo Pomezia 7:5, Olimpus Roma – Feldi Eboli 3:2, 360GG Monastir – Futsal Pescara 2:2, Real San Giuseppe – Nuova Comauto Pistoia 4-2, Petrarca-Ciampino 6-1, Came Dosson-L84 3-2, Meta Catania-Napoli Futsal postponed (22/02, 6 p.m.). classification: Napoli 45, Olimpus Rome* 43, Came 38, Feldi Eboli and Futsal Pescara 37, Sandro Abate Avellino and L84 34, Real San Giuseppe** 29, Fortitudo Pomezia 25, Meta Catania 23, Italservice Pesaro 22, Petrarca 18, 360GG Monastir 17, Nuova Comauto Pistoia** 11, City of Melilli 4. * three penalty points, ** one penalty point.


act of violence v bitonto in one of the two advances of the eighteenth day of the regular season of Serie A Puro Bio. The front runners flex their muscles at the Pelletterie unveiling in Scandicci: Santos, Lucilèia and Pernazza score in the first half. Lucilèia repeats itself, the final 5:0 is signed by Renatinha. Moving forward, the second consecutive win and third useful result of a 6-3 privateer Lazio in Montemesola against the famous but uncertain Italcave RealSTATE: Sabrina Marchese on the shields, taking the ball home for her hat-trick takes. Sunday the rest of the day.

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