Perinetti's drama: “My daughter fought against anorexia, she let herself die”


The former sports director of Rome and Naples says after the death of 34-year-old Emanuela: “We don't understand why she gave up.” Funeral in Milan today

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Unbelief. “We can't understand why she let herself shut down like that.” It's that of a father who can't understand how a daughter allowed herself to die like that. And it is that of those who knew Emanuela Perinetti, a career woman who left us in Milan on Wednesday. Nobody can explain how a brilliant manager, who has been one of the 150 most influential women in the Italian digital world since 2018, gave up almost passively. Emanuela was an influencer and was involved in marketing in the sports sector.

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Everyone knows and appreciates her: athletes with whom she organized initiatives (also from other sports such as Fernando Alonso), and companies with whom she collaborated in the creation of projects and start-ups. He was 34 years old and Milan accompanied his farewell with a classic November day, gray and drizzly. It will be the same today at the final farewell at 2:45 p.m. in the Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio.


She was the eldest daughter of Giorgio, now the dean of Italian sports directors in Avellino. “We can't understand it, we can't understand it – repeats Perinetti – the doctors did everything they could, they were very good.” About ten days ago they called him from Milan: Emanuela was at home after a fall was taken to Fatebenefratelli. His body was now frail and weak. Friends and colleagues expected her to attend the national team game in Rome on November 17, but she replied that she had stayed in Milan for professional reasons. Strange for someone who was never missing on certain occasions. The father knew: “She had been struggling with anorexia for some time. She was worried about me and told me everything was fine. She liked the professionals who took care of her, but maybe she just said it to reassure me because I was the one who was worried. The hospital stay and treatment seemed to work so well that Perinetti drove to Avellino on Monday. He says: “They called me on Tuesday, I should have gone back to her on Friday (today, editor's note) to take stock.” Instead, Emanuela died the day before and the train brought him in a few minutes later her back. Chiara, the youngest sister, also a career manager in Milan, was already in the hospital. He cried on his father's shoulder and also thought of his mother Daniela, who died of breast cancer in 2015.


In recent days, Perinetti has had the hotel as his base, for which Emanuela herself had secured an agreement. Friends and colleagues came by to greet him and many wrote to him. He had introduced her to the world of football. The Perinettis come from Rome and when dad was Giallorossi sports director, their daughter became a fan: “As a child, she would always wait for me after games with pleading eyes. I would say, 'Go home with mom or come home with dad.' the bus to Trigoria?' Obvious answer: He came with us and sat on Aldair and the others' laps to play. During his years in Turin he got to know the Juventus players, especially Del Piero, but also the newest players like Pogba. After graduating from Luiss with a degree in innovation management, she completed a one-year master's degree in Seoul to learn marketing techniques and then moved to Milan. Papa Giorgio is proud: “She loved her job, she was happy. I told her about a promise I made to her mother to make her feel better, and she told me she would make it happen. Instead, she told me the other day that she would do it.” “When I talked to her, I realized there was nothing left to do. And since then I have been wondering how it is possible to die like that, without economic, professional or sentimental problems. We all ask ourselves that. The disbelief remains. Forever.

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