Pescara is the anti-Bitonto. Bis d’Abuzzo with TikiTaka Francavilla


The first rival of the leader Bitonto has the face Pescara. What’s impressive is not so much the leaders’ 11-0 draw against bottom of the table Vis Fondi, long doomed to the women’s Serie A2, but rather Adria’s strong performance at Falconara, in the repeat of the last championship final, the key game of day 19 of the A Puro Bio series.


However, there is a balance at a time at PalaBadiali Jessica Manieri Unlock the result so Pescara can take a 1-0 lead. In the second half, Eva Ortega takes the chair, by far the best in the field. The Spanish wing appeased the 2-0 with Dibiase’s own goal and restored Pescara’s +2 after Isa Pereira’s tuck before ending the game 4-1 40 seconds later. It is a very important success because it marks the first rift between the four sisters: only Pescara is behind Bitonto (Lucileia even scored six in the eloquent 11-0 against the unfortunate Fondi). A great Pescara.


So Pescara is one point ahead of Bitonto. In third place another Abruzzo: the regenerated TikiTaka Francavilla. Cely Gaardo’s girls, without Vanin but with Tampa, use the Salsomaggiore Terme SkyMatch to beat VIP 4-1 and overtake Falconara City, now fourth. Ironically, the Giallorossi “5” broke the balance with a stone from a distance. The goal gave TikiTaka wings, and Aida Xhaxho’s left-footed shot made it 2-0 and we went into the break with it. The music doesn’t change in the second half: Tampa repeats, Leticia Martin Cortes rolls the credits early on the match, Giorgis 5v4 leads to Nancy Loth’s goal, it ends 4-1. In the first of the two SkyMatch, very important success of the Audace Verona on pellets. More balanced game than the final 5-2 can express. Tie (2:2) until the middle of the second half, then Puttow and Coppola (double pack) score the decisive part, which gives the Scala players three points in prospect of saving. In the other games, there was a comfortable 8-1 break-off at Molfetta on behalf of Bovo, Stegius and Ghilardi; 4-0 by Irpinia against a town on the verge of relegation: the bells overtake Molfetta in the standings, earning three points from direct rescue.


This i Results of the nineteenth matchday of the women’s futsal series A: Lazio-Rovigo Orange 2:2, Irpinia-Italcave Real Statte 4:0, Kick Off women Molfetta 8:1, Città di Falconara-Pescara women 1:4, Audace Verona- Pelletterie 5:2, Bitonto-Vis Fondi 11:0, TikiTaka Francavilla-VIP 4:1. classification: Bitonto 50, Pescara Female 49, TikiTaka Francavilla 45, City of Falconara 44, Kick Off 33, Lazio 28, Pelletterie 25, Audace Verona 24, Rovigo Orange 21, VIP 20, PSB Irpinia 17, Molfetta Female 15, Italcave RealSTATE 7 , Fondi 1 show.

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