Pogba case: Juventus is sure they didn’t make a mistake


If the Frenchman’s guilt is proven, the club could terminate the contract. Pimenta: “Paul was always right”

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It should have been a quiet Monday after the international break after Massimiliano Allegri ordered the resumption of training following the two days’ rest granted to those remaining at Continassa, but instead Juventus’ normality was shattered by another Pogba case. One more thing since Polpo was back in the black and white uniform a year and two months ago, which the club would have liked to have done without. The statement, written a few hours after the news of the French midfielder’s ban for doping, is sparse but powerful: “Juventus announces that Pogba has today received the precautionary suspension from the National Anti-Doping Tribunal following the carried out Analyzes were negative.” August 20, 2023. The company reserves the right to examine the further procedural steps.” The final sentence contains the association’s line and leaves open the possibility of protecting itself in the event of proven guilt. Translated: no hasty judgment, no preemptive condemnation, just a desire to take time to understand what actually happened and whether Pogba bears any responsibility.

Doctors and counter-analysis

There is calm at the Juventus home, but a touch of anger is inevitable given the situation. The club is aware that it has done nothing wrong and that it is behaving in accordance with the rules. Therefore, we will first wait for the result of the counter-analysis and then try to understand whether the player may have committed some naivety in recent months and may have accidentally taken a drug containing doping substances.

the contract

Pogba had a very complicated year from a clinical point of view, he underwent knee surgery and various types of treatments. Juventus knows what they have given him and how they have looked after him in recent months, but cannot be sure about any external interventions. That’s why he wants to create clarity before taking a position. Doping is a serious matter and in theory, with the precautionary ban, a club already has the right to suspend the salary of the player in question and, in the event of proven guilt, to request the cancellation of the contract after the latest ruling.

Allspice version

Speeches that Juventus considers premature because they first want to understand what happened and whether there was any negligence on the part of Pogba, who may have taken drugs of his own accord. That’s why they will speak in detail with the player and his agent Rafaela Pimenta in the next few hours in order to reconstruct the incident. “We are waiting for the counter-analysis and until then we cannot say anything,” he commented. “What is certain is that Pogba never wanted to break the rules.” It is impressive to now read Polpo’s statements to Al Jazeera again: “The critics? I want them to take back their words, I want to show them that I’m not weak. You can talk bad about me, but I will never give up”. Hard to do when you can’t play. Pogba was at Continassa training yesterday afternoon: the goal was to try to recover for Lazio , but now the stakes are much higher.

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