Pulisic: “Milan is the right step for my career”


The US international: “I chose this club after talking to Giroud, Tomori and Loftus-Cheek. It’s easy to play with strong players: Olivier is always in the right place to score goals, Leao we all know what he can do. It’s a “good attack”

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The jerseys (sold) are good for the finances, but the goals (scored) are good for the lead in the table. Mr America? Well, in the meantime you can call him Mister Milanello because Christian Pulisic has already taken the devil on his shoulders. Thanks to his talent, of course, but also the fact that the US national team captain was among the first signings to make himself available to Pioli. In time to tour his United States, but more importantly in time to begin to process the accomplishments the coach envisioned for him.


However, the surprise would be overstated. Partly because Christian’s qualities, fickle as they may be, have been known for years. And in part because he had already shown decidedly comforting signals in pre-season testing. At Dall’Ara he exhibited his complete repertoire. goals and structure. Dribbling and technique. Speed ​​and search for spaces. But above all: Equally easy to use on the right and left. With his left foot, he designed a perfect cross for Reijnders, who then sent Giroud on goal. He shot the arrow with his right foot, which went past Skorupski after a splendid exchange of blows with Giroud. And note the cross for the opening goal: a right-to-left switch that he managed twice more, always sending Milan close to the net. Offensive situation in training apparently tried and tested for a long time and processed very well.


Pulisic makes his debut in our league with a goal and that’s news because in 2023 Christian only scored for the national team. In fact, the last goal in the league was almost a year ago: 8 October 2022, Chelsea-Wolverhampton. After that, a long downward spiral followed, which was burdened by physical problems and an ever-shorter playing time. Scoring and inventing Pulisic confirms the juiciest news of Milan 2023-24. That is, a team that is now no longer Leao-centric but completely unpredictable. At the moment Pulisic is clearing the hoops on the right side, in the future it is quite conceivable that we will also see him in the center of the trocar, in that 4-2-3-1 that is not entirely put on hold and that Christian seems excited for it. “At the moment I often played on the right flank, but we also discussed other positions with the coach. There is an open dialogue about what position I will take on the pitch, there will certainly also be an opportunity to play as an attacking midfielder.”, he said a few days ago.

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This time, however, there is rightly less reflection and more celebration: “A fantastic start, I’m really happy to be part of this team,” he said after the game. “We were good at scoring the first two goals straight away.” Because the game was difficult and of course I’m happy to have scored a goal. I chose Milan by talking to Giroud, Tomori, Loftus-Cheek… As you can see, there is understanding that Giroud has given me great support. Being here is the right step for my career. It’s easy to play with strong players. Giroud is always in the right place to score, Leao we all know what he can do, it’s really dangerous. It’s a good attack. What is my personal goal? We want to keep up On all fronts, I personally want to keep scoring goals and helping the team win trophies.

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