Reggina debts, the protest of FIGC President Gabriele Gravina


The President of the Football Association: “The federal regulatory framework is much stricter. I have asked Minister Abodi to intervene so as not to derail our efforts to defend the balance of the football system.”

“The so-called ‘Reggina case’ was possible because the laws of the state are not compatible with the stricter regulatory framework of Federcalcio.” World Cup in Argentina, to the news of the approval of the debt restructuring plan by the bankruptcy court of Reggio Calabria.

Gravina doesn’t fit

“On this subject, it is good to clarify,” continued Gravina, “it is not possible to legitimately demand compliance with the rules and centrality of Covisoc, but at the same time abolish Article 12 in the Implementing Decree of the Sports Reform, which recognizes this.” Roles and powers of the same committee that reviews professional clubs’ compliance with economic and financial requirements. The FIGC judiciary applied the rules in defense of fair competition and in fact penalized those who, despite a law allowing it, failed to pay the amount provided for in federal regulations.” “I asked Minister Abodi,” concluded the federation’s president to “act promptly to prevent the laws of the state from frustrating the FIGC’s efforts to defend the competitive balance in the football system.”

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