Rom-Leverkusen, interview with Rudi Voeller, double ex for the Europa League


“The two technicians look the same. Mourinho brings euphoria: you will be able to cheer at the Olimpico. My wife will be able to sing the Roma anthem, but if she scores my Leverkusen…”

Rudi Voeller was in Rome yesterday. Tomorrow he will be accompanied to the Olimpico by his world, his feelings and his football: on the one hand his wife Sabrina, a Roman and Romanist, on the other hand the German coach Hansi Flick. “I will compromise with my wife. I’ll let you sing the Roma anthem, but if Leverkusen scores, you have to at least show a little celebration.” Völler laughs, his life is fulfilled. He retired a year ago, enough with his duties as general manager at Bayer. They gave him a seat on the board, a position as the club’s ambassador. But now, in fairness, he froze them. Because Germany failed again at the World Cup, Oliver Bierhoff lost his job and the association appointed Rudi sports director of the national team, who, alongside the coach, is supposed to get German football back on its feet. The term extends to the home European Championship next year. “I’m always on the road, and that’s exactly what I didn’t want: I wanted to stay at home for a while, at most go to Rome. And instead… But that’s okay too, Euro 2024 is an important milestone, then I know everything will go back to how it was before.”

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