Rome, Sabatini via Mourinho, Dybala and Mihajlovic


The former Giallorossi manager is critical of the case of capital gains (“We never made it”) and the Juve affair (“Points given, removed, returned:; an embarrassing thing”). Then the memory of his friend Mihajlovic: “I miss him a lot”

It doesn’t matter if four managers have alternated on the bench of the sporting director of Trigoria since the day of his departure. Despite the inexorable passage of time, the love for the colors yellow and red and the desire to see “his” Rome in top form are feelings that Walter Sabatini never let out of his head and heart. The years at Fulvio Bernardini will forever mark an indelible chapter in the life of the former Roma manager, who was fascinated by José Mourinho’s work in the capital. A valuable signing that has allowed the club to reach the third consecutive European semi-final (the fourth in the last six seasons): “Roma today is a scientific team that knows how and when to beat the opponent who has won and will continue to win many games – Sabatini explains into the New Sound Level microphones – is a group that the coach manages in a really scientific way, he does not miss a move. Look at the technical meeting that Mourinho had with the Team under which made curve in the game against Feyenoord, real magic, he charged the environment, the team, sent them back onto the field in extra time with a mentality and emotional fullness to be able to approach the game exceptionally and it was an exceptional result. /50 seconds from time Roma were out of the cup whilst Pellegrini saved against Totti and Dybala saved against Dybala – all in close time – it was football magic.”


Impossible for a ‘talent dog’ like Sabatini to ignore Paulo Dybala’s influence on the Roma side. And the Argentine’s choice to move into the shadow of the Coliseum may also have influenced the opinion of the former Roman sporting director: “A champion like him needs to be protected and accompanied, nobody knows it better than Mourinho. It’s obvious that Dybala’s performance is also linked to the great leadership of the coach who knows how best to lead a talented player having coached so many. Last summer I saw Paulo at an awards ceremony and advised him: go to Rome, you are the right player to stay in Rome because of your psychology, because of the way you play. Go to Rome without the slightest doubt. This is your audience, this is the ideal city where you will fully realize yourself.” . Hence the method that allowed the Friedkins to play one of the top players of the Italian championship, who came to the capital without transfer fees , to sign, doesn’t matter: “Honestly, I don’t really like null parameters because you have to grant ‘priceless salaries for this type of signing, while at the operations by paying the price tag you calm the obligations. Of course, if the null parameters are all like Matic, it’s worth doing them…”.


The situation is different when it comes to capital gains. A way of shaping the market widely used by Sabatini during his stay in Rome, but respecting the rules. The former board is keen to clear this up before touching the Juventus button and the court case with the black and whites: “Capital gains are a bad habit to heal the balance sheets with some tricks that Roma have never adopted, certainly not mine Rome has always made real capital gains. As for points being given, taken away and then put back, that’s embarrassing because I don’t think that kind of attitude is acceptable. The championship must have its certainties, the points must be what they must be, it is strange that the penalty is still suspended today. This leaves everything in a climate of uncertainty that affects too many clubs and frankly does not bode well for the regularity of the Championship. Because the teams, like Roma for example, who are fighting for the Champions League area, I am of course very embarrassed.” And again: “This is a gray page in our football, in contrast to an extraordinary moment of our teams in Europe, so it’s a real shame.”


Remembering his friend Mihajlovic, who worked with Sabatini in Bologna: “I miss Siniša very much. He was a great friend, we saw each other often with the families. A very generous, loyal man, his death was a great pain, a grievous loss. Not a day goes by that my thoughts are not with him.”

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