Sala, Stadium: “Milan, Inter and the future of San Siro”


The mayor of the Lombard capital: “However, to date, the clubs have not officially informed us of the renunciation of the project on which they have been collaborating lately”

Bridging several years (of back and forth) in less than five minutes is no easy feat, but Beppe Sala has obviously felt the need – not that it’s the first time – to respond to the situation at the stadium. Reflections provided today by the Mayor of Milan in his Buongiorno Milano podcast.


The premise reads: “This story begins with the change of ownership of Milan and Inter. For the new owners, the budget question has become more stringent and for them the question of a new stadium means two fundamental things: the possibility of increasing revenue and the awareness that a football club can be sold more easily if that club owns a stadium, or at least one has a project approved by the municipality to build a new one. When Inter and Milan came to talk to me about the stadium, I immediately proposed to them to start a major renovation of the San Siro as I was absolutely willing to give them ownership of the stadium. They could do it don’t even consider. Then it is undeniable that the route took a lot of time both for the administrative procedure and for the technical controls, since at the beginning the teams were sorted by indices vol metrics (e.g. the possibility of building hotels, offices, commercial buildings), which are not compatible with the regulations of the municipality. Of course, to be honest, we cannot ignore the fact that part of the city council, including my political part, never really wanted the new stadium, especially if it meant sacrificing the old stadium. Once there was the question that San Siro should not be demolished, then there were constant requests to the teams to improve the project, from the distance of the houses to the capacity, the result of the public debate and the local councils and so on. And that, too, is a historical truth.”

New opportunity

The Mayor continues, detailing the specifics of the two clubs: “How true it is that to date, the teams have not formally notified us of the renunciation of the project they have been working on together lately. The procedure is still ongoing and the teams must formally reply. In the meantime, however, Milan have taken a precise step. Albeit informally, they have informed us that they are studying a new option, located in the area called La Maura This new site hypothesis means two things: to build on another private and non-public land and to detach from Inter. I won’t comment on the second one, I’ll just report it. The property has informed me that it will take three weeks to study a master plan that will define the intervention and which, from my understanding so far, would only affect the stadium and Casa Milan, no other buildings.Inter?A hypothesis of a site outside Milan has been leaked but I have no confirmation on this. I wish it was clear that no one is turning her away from San Siro, but I cannot take her place in the decisions that affect her.”

I obligate myself

Sala concludes: “In conclusion, I believe that this long and as yet undefined story has only one great certainty. The two teams no longer want to stay at the San Siro and nobody can force them to renovate it. For me therefore It is my duty to commit myself to the end so that an alternative solution can be found in the city of Milan. The glory days of Berlusconi and Moratti are over, even if we fans are a little nostalgic for them. Inter and Milan have lost – balance sheets and are not philanthropic bodies: we must find a solution that protects their interests and at the same time those of the city”.

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