Salvation points for Reggio Emilia against Santa Croce


Fanuli exchanges all the cards on the table and starts with the backup diagonal Santambrogio – Suraci, in the band the usual Perotto and Mariano with Caciagli and Volpe in the center and the libero is Torchia.

Coach Mastrangelo chooses Captain Colli and the former Maiocchi in the gang, the Masons are Truocchio and Vigil and the libero is the former Morgese. The main diagonal is Coscione – Motzo.

First partially opened by a different than usual Conad, the Reggio players seem wild and are rushing to a 5-point lead; but that was not enough because Mastrangelo’s battleship regained the advantage thanks to Coscione’s skill and Maiocchi’s strength. On the 20th, the one who has more determination always wins and tonight Volley Tricolore seems to have enough to raise the PalaBigi and win the first set.

The second set is more shaky, Reggio Emilia starts cautiously, stays over Santa Croce without ever taking off. Captain Elia’s team can only hold a one-point lead and remain on a knife’s edge until the end. An endless heartbreaking set that reopens the game as the Kemas Lamipel boys were the first to finish 35-37. Precisely against Motzo with 70% attack in the set.

Third set that determines who can count on an extra point in the general classification, certainly the Giallorossi are determined to score points and therefore close the set with a phenomenal performance from Caciagli, who recovers by three bars from the block that was impenetrable becomes; It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Conad like this.

Fourth set that makes Bigi rave, the curve rises at every point because Fanuli’s team maintains a six-point lead throughout the set, fundamental points that allow the Giallorossi to end the set also thanks to several errors by the guests to reach first, and finally win three important points.

Suraci opens the first set and hits the floor (6-4). Ace di Mariano, Reggio extended (13-7). Perotto holds the +5 with a lob that slides into the away wall (16-11). Santa Croce draws short after a very long substitution that leaves teams breathless (17-14). Santa Croce doesn’t give up and defends every ball (18-17). Setpoint conquered by Mariano with an attack from fourth place (24-21). Colli sends the ball wide and Reggio takes the first set (25-21).

Second set with Reggio ahead of his challenger thanks to Mariano (3-2). Recover Mastrangelo’s team (3-6). Volpe’s monster block shortens the Giallorossi (5-6). +1 for Fanuli, he gets the video check right and overtakes Reggio again (7-6). Santambrogio, served by Torchia, finds the perfect first half with Caciagli (11-10). The Red-Whites are hot on Fanuli’s side but a false check from coach Mastrangelo gives the Reggio favorites a double advantage (17-16). Point by point you fight for the decisive set for the match, you play for the first point to be awarded (22-22). Suraci is walled in and Santa Croce takes the first set point (23-24) which is immediately overturned by Perotto (24-24). Perotto again bites the set point with a lob from the hands of Morgese (25-24), then canceled by the Tuscan hands (25-25). It continues to 35 all, and then Colli’s attack from Zone 2 concedes the winning set point to the guests (35-36), then Colli closes the set 35-37.

Santambrogio’s second goal leads his team into the lead (3-2). The home side keep the advantage with a block from Volpe and Santambrogio (9-7). Mastrangelo’s boys shorten (12-12). They pass the guests with Hanzic’s ace (16-18). The Tuscans expand and Fanuli decides to replace Mariano with Meschiari (18-22). Shortens Caciagli by pushing the ball into the away wall (20-23), and then Sperotto with an ace (21-23). Bind Caciagli with a monster block (23-23). Caciagli again secures the set point with a block (24-23), Conad wins the set thanks to a mistake by Kemas Lamipel (25-23).

Ace di Suraci, with Sperotto on the field for Santambrogio (1-0). A few too many mistakes by the Reds and Whites give the Reggio players the lead (5-3). Sperotto plays a ball like a magician behind Caciagli, who sparks from third place (10-7). Ace of Suraci (12-8). Sperotto closes a ball on the edge of the net (14-8). Ace di Volpe (19-11). Santa Croce tries to shorten, but Suraci lights the ball and lands a crucial ball (24-16). Suraci finishes the match in second place and ignites the PalaBigi corner (25-17).


CONAD REGGIO EMILIA 3-1 KEMAS LAMIPEL SANTA CROCE (25:21, 35:37, 25:23, 25:17)

CONAD REGGIO EMILIA: Santambrogio 3, Perotto 9, Caciagli 14, Suraci 27, Mariano 14, Volpe 8, Torchia (L), Cantagalli D. 0, Mian 0, Sperotto 2, Meschiari 0. NE Cantagalli M., Bucciarelli, Elia. All Fanuli.

KEMAS LAMIPEL HOLY CROCE: Coscione 0, Maiocchi 4, Vigil Gonzalez 12, Motzo 15, Colli 19, Truocchio 6, Compagnoni 0, Morgese (L), Arguelles Sanchez 4, Hanzic 14, Loreti 0. NE Gabbrellini, Giovannetti, Favaro. All Mastrangelo.

ARBITRATOR: Serafin, Sabia.

NOTES – Set Duration: 29′, 46′, 37′, 25′; total: 137′.


Tuna Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 57, Pool Libertas Cantù 48, Delta Group Porto Viro 44, Agnelli Tipiesse Bergamo 44, BCC Castellana Grotte 43, Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce 42, Tinet Prata di Pordenone 42, Consar RCM Ravenna 38, BAM Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo 34, Videx Yuasa Grottazzolina 31, Consoli McDonald’s Brescia 29, Conad Reggio Emilia 28, Cave del Sole Lagonegro 24, HRK Motta di Livenza 21.

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