Sanremo 2023: Third evening ranking. Mengoni first, Ultimo is second


What the overall ranking looks like after the first televote and the first polling jury vote

For the Sanremo Music Festival 2023 the competition starts and after the voting of the press office, which characterized the first two evenings, the audience now decides on the best singers of the kermesse. On the third night they actually were Viewers and the opinion poll jury agree. Televoting has started, which influences 50% of the daily ranking, while the remaining 50% depends on the votes of the election jury, composed of 300 selected items.

Sanremo 2023 standings after the third evening

The total percentages of votes the songs received during the third night and those received during the two previous nights are averaged a new ranking of the 28 songs in the competition. Let’s look at the 28 positions in view of the top 5 that will be very important on the fifth and final night.

Sanremo ranking of the 28 singers after 2 performances

Until now each singer performed twice, ie the first during the first two evenings, in which the big names were split over two days, and the second during the third evening, in which all 28 artists of the competition performed again. And this is the situation of preliminary general classification:

  1. Marco Mengoni – Two Lives
  2. Last – sunrise
  3. Mr. Rain – Superheroes
  4. Lazza – ash
  5. Tananai – Tango
  6. Madame – The good in the bad
  7. Rosa Chemical – Made in Italy
  8. Colapesce Dimartino Splash
  9. Elodie – Two
  10. Giorgia – bad words
  11. Coma_Cose – Goodbye
  12. Gianluca Grignani – When you’re out of breath
  13. fashion – leave me
  14. Paola and Chiara – Anger
  15. LDA – If so tomorrow
  16. Aries – sea of ​​troubles
  17. Article 31 – Have a nice trip
  18. Mara Sattei – Two thousand minutes
  19. Leo Gassmann – Third Heart
  20. Colla Zio – I don’t like it
  21. Levant – Alive
  22. Landvetter – letter 22
  23. GIANMARIA Monster
  24. Olly – Dust
  25. Anna Oxa – Go up
  26. Will – Stupid
  27. Shari – Selfish
  28. Sethu – Lost Causes

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