Scandicci suffers, beats Schwerin in the tiebreak


Barbolini’s team also led by six points in the third quarter (11-5) after 25-21 wins in the first two sets, but Schwerin didn’t give up and equalized the set count: winning the third 24-26 and winning the fourth 16 -25.

Savino Del Bene Volley, on the other hand, after losing all four tie breaks played in the season, was able to return to the field with determination and focus this time in the fifth set to claim the win.

Coach Massimo Barbolini sets up the starting XI 6+1, consisting of Yao Di in direction, Mingardi as opponent, Belien and Washington as central players, Zhu and Shcherban in the band, with Castillo as a free starter.

Coach Koslowskis Palmberg Schwerin enters the field with Kästner as setter, Yüzgenç in counter role, with White and Baijens forming the central tandem, Ruddins and Alsmeier in the band and Pogany as libero.

Very even first half of the game where the two teams went arm in arm until 14-14. Schwerin produced the first break with a two-point lead (14:16), but Barbolini’s team equalized with a partial double pack and then took the lead thanks to a double pack from Kästner (17:16). After a block from Belien, Savino Del Bene Volley took a +2 lead and coach Koslowski had to call a time-out. Another block from Belien produced +3 for Savino Del Bene Volley (19-16), an advantage Barbolini’s team protected and extended until Antropova knocked down 25-21.

The second set was always even, Schwerin was able to take the lead again with two points (2:4). So Savino Del Bene Volley found themselves in pursuit but with Zhu they found the tie at 9-9. Up to 16:16, both teams answered blow after blow, then Barbolini’s formation expanded to +2 with Antropova, who, after a long exchange of blows, brought the ball down well at the score of 18:16. As a result, Koslowski called a time-out, but his team slipped to -4 (20-16). The German coach therefore had to take another break and got the reaction of his team (20:18). Coach Barbolini thus demanded “time” to block Schwerin’s comeback, and Savino Del Bene Volley returned to the field and placed the decisive escape that ended the set with a new imposition to 25:21.

In the third faction, Savino Del Bene Volley jumped a three-point lead with a dunk from Shcherban (5-2). Mingardi produced +4 and Washington with an ace +5, but even Savino Del Bene’s volley also hit +6 with Zhu’s 9-3. Six lengths ahead of Savino Del Bene Volley (11-5), Koslowski was forced to call a time-out followed by a three-point streak scored by his team. Schwerin closed up to 3 and at 16-13 Barbolini had to stop the game. Back on the pitch, Shcherban put the winning block of 17-13 on the scoresheet, but Schwerin stayed in the game. With a -2 (18-16), the German team forced Savino Del Bene Volley into another timeout. With the inertia of the challenge for coach Koslowski’s team, the result returned to a 22-22 draw. Schwerin then missed the first set point, but made the best of the second (24:26) with Yüzgenç’s ace.

Early in the fourth set, Savino Del Bene saw Volley greedy for redemption. The home team, with Mingardi and Zhu as protagonists, extended to 8:4 and forced Koslowski to take another timeout. After the break, Schwerin turned the game and the score was 9:9. At this point, Schwerin never left command of the set and Savino Del Bene Volley could get back to -2 at best, but never beyond. At 12:14 when Barbolini’s team staged a comeback, Koslowski actually used a clever timeout that allowed his team to extend back to 15:19. A +4 that Schwerin extended to 16-25 with White, allowing the German team to win their second set and extend the match to the tiebreak.

The fifth and decisive movement of heart palpitations. White made it 2-4 and took his teammates to +2, but Savino Del Bene volley recovered and made it 5-4 with Shcherban. At the change of field, Schwerin took the lead and was able to catch up to 6-8 with one point from Kästner. Trailing 5-9, Barbolini’s team managed a break of three straight points to equal 9-9. Koslowski had to resort to Tempo, but Zhu and Belien volleyed Savino Del Bene to +3 (13-10). The game ended shortly thereafter in the 15-11 score signed by Zhu Ting.


Massimo Barbolini (Coach Savino Del Bene Scandicci) – “We won and played against a very strong team. Of course, a 3-0 win would have been better because we had created all the conditions and we were missing something. In retrospect, I think it’s also right to look at the half-full glass, because we have to consider that we were 6:9 behind in the tie-break and that’s why Schwerin is probably thinking about the missed opportunity. Furthermore, if we think about the second leg, we know that it will be a very difficult game. It would have been a bit easier if we had won by 3 points, but we won and that’s important, even if we have to play better in the second leg. Let us now think of Casalmaggiore. Which will be a very difficult and very important challenge for our classification ».


SAVINO DEL BENE SCANDICCI – SSC PALMBERG SCHWERIN 3: 2 (25:21, 25:21, 24:26, 16:25, 15:11)

SAVINO DEL BENE SCANDICCI: Sorokaite ne, Alberti 1, Belien 6, Zhu 22, Pietrini 1, Merlo (L2) ne, Mingardi 15, Yao Di 1, Shcherban 15, Angelon ne, Washington 9, Antropova 10, Castillo (L1), From Julius. All.: Barbolini.

SSC PALMBERG SCHWERIN: Kästner 3, Ruddins 15, Pogany, Nestler, Alsmeier 21, Fernau, Hölzig, Neuhaus 1, Broekstraße, Weiß 7, Baijens 16, Yüzgenç 20. Coach: Koslowski.

REFEREE: Tillmann (HUN) –Edholm (SWE)

NOTES-Continuous Set-28′, 25′, 29′, 26′, 19′ Total: 127′

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