Series B, registrations: Lecco is threatened with exclusion, has not found the stadium


The newly promoted Lombards have not yet found the stadium. Only this morning will it be known whether the clubs have met the midnight deadline. In C before Siena: green light for the arrival of the Atalanta U23

A damn great day. Between Serie B and Serie C, it was a race against time for several clubs to submit applications for membership in the next championship. The deadline was midnight and it is imperative not to go beyond that. And it is not excluded that some duly submitted applications hide some nasty surprises that only Covisoc can detect in its analyzes to then report the comments (by the 30th) to the FIGC.

The most exciting news concerns Lecco, which after 50 years is in danger of having to abandon the B finds because of the stadium problem: the only viable solution was that of Padua (!), but the Prefecture would not have approved it. Lega B closed their offices at 9pm and this morning will tell if the pec got there on time. No exceptions are allowed. It’s true that promotion didn’t happen until Sunday so it was very difficult to find a solution two days before the end, but the club should have thought about it in advance, maybe after reaching the semi-finals. So this is a real shock. abominable.

Even Reggina kept everyone in suspense at the height of a difficult season that should have ended with the sale of the club. But that remains to be seen, because enrollment is at risk. The club submitted the necessary documents to Lega B, from the guarantee to the last card, namely that of the absence of debts to other clubs. However, at 10 p.m. on the FIGC portal, there were no transfers to players in the last three months (almost 4 million) and also the payments (about 3 million) of the 5 months of INPS and 4 of Irpef in 2023 (those , the). had led to -5). For the latter, a deadline of June 30 was agreed with the court, a date also set for the famous 757,000 euros of the restructuring plan, guaranteed by a surety but not paid (apparently) by June 30 dispute, because the deadline is mandatory. But this morning, when the FIGC opens its offices, if it does not find the transfers made up to midnight uploaded to the portal, it will be over.

Interested spectators of this matter are – in order – Brescia and Perugia. In the event of rejection by the two teams, they would be reinstated in B. If just one is skipped, the spot goes to Brescia, who have applied to join both Cs (where they are relegated) after the complaints of the past few days. and B. E It cannot be ruled out that he will not request access to the documents today in order to verify the correctness of the applications submitted. But Perugia doesn’t want to stand by and is ready to carry out the necessary checks.

The first certainty was the renunciation of Pordenone with a request to the FIGC to restart from the D (meanwhile the court has granted 60 days to present a repayment plan of 2 million and avoid bankruptcy): in his place will the come revival of Mantua, best of the relegations. Another crash for Siena, who was looking for a solution to their serious problems until the last moment. The application was submitted just after 21 but is incomplete (no salaries) and is therefore rejected, vacating the place at Atalanta U23. There should not be any other cases, even if some doubts remain. In fact, at least on some issues, there would be some unknown factors related to the guarantees. Needless to say names, just wait for Covisoc. But history teaches that surprises cannot be ruled out.

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