Spain, official: Rubiales has resigned


MADRID (Spain) Luis Rubiales has officially resigned from his position as president of the Spanish association. This happened through a statement published on his social profiles, but also through a long interview that he granted to the British journalist Piers Morgan. This marks the end of his mandate following his 90-day suspension by FIFA for the kiss on the mouth that Hermoso received (without consent) during the Women’s World Championships medal ceremonyplayed between Australia and New Zealand in the summer and won by Spain. The Rubiales case now it’s finished. There HermosoAmong other things, he denounced the now former number one in the federal government.

Rubiales and his resignation as president

“Resignation? Yes, I have to do it because I can’t continue my work. I am making this decision after ensuring that my resignation contributes to the stability that will allow us to bring the 2030 World Cup to Spain.”he said Rubiales. Despite it: “I have tendered my resignation from the post of President of the Federation. After the quick ban imposed by FIFA and the other proceedings brought against me, it is clear that I cannot return to my position.

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