Spalletti national team coach: the announcement tomorrow


The Tuscan manager remains hopeful of avoiding the potential legal battle with De Laurentiis

Andrea Elefante – F. Licari

Luciano Spalletti has said yes to the national team, the FIGC wants to announce the ‘yes’ tomorrow. It was a bit hectic hours, but yesterday afternoon the blue sky cleared and soon announced clear weather. Today, after numerous telephone contacts, FIGC President Gabriele Gravina and Spalletti will meet: at eye level it will be easier to shake hands and leave behind the doubts and difficulties that accompanied the agreement. Monday’s presentation in Rome seems likely. Yesterday there was excitement in Via Allegri for a possible press conference in the Federal Council chamber dedicated to Paolo Rossi.


And yet yesterday morning the trainer looked a little distressed, if not doubtful, to Gravina. The willingness and enthusiasm to become a coach has never been in question since the first contact with the President. However, earlier in the day, Gravina had overheard Spalletti still struggling with his thoughts. The clause on pay for a dismissal from Napoli created an awkward atmosphere for the coach, who felt almost ‘threatened’, largely due to the impossibility of starting his tenure with the necessary composure and approval. Such was the sentiment of those who pledged every possible support should he fall out with De Laurentiis. But there was no door to force open: Spalletti’s had been wide open for some time. For him it is a “romantic” and at the same time prestigious idea to become coach of Italy. An opportunity not to be missed. And so, as the hours passed and the contacts that followed, the doubts subsided.

Gravina today

Today’s meeting with Gravina will be an opportunity to finally disband them. And finalize the final details of the contract that will hopefully see the coach through to the 2024 European Championships and then the 2026 World Cup, starting on September 1 or the day after the Monte Carlo verdict that will decide whether it’s Spallettis It will be the turn of the contract, or of Inzaghi, or of Guardiola, the favourite, last year’s UEFA Best Coach title.

At sight

The president also spoke to the future coach about his role as coach of the three main national teams, from senior to under-20 to under-21: the “status” decided for Mancini and that Spalletti will keep, becoming more and more complete Having a view of the material to be worked, with a possible continuous transfer of power between one team and another. The staff speech was only mentioned, we will talk about it in more detail today, but there will hardly be any surprises. His “historic” deputy Marco Domenichini, the athletic coach Francesco Sinatti and a technical assistant between Daniele Baldini and Alessandro Pane, or maybe both, will work with Spalletti. The federal decisions were confirmed, namely Andrea Barzagli – who will take care of the defense phase – and the tactician Antonio Gagliardi. Very confirmed Gigi Buffon, who will take charge of the delegation. To evaluate the positions of team manager Lele Oriali and Alberto Bollini on the executive board, Mancini was appointed assistant coach.


From Monday, Spalletti will immerse himself in his new job, knowing full well that he has two important appointments behind him: on September 9 (in North Macedonia) and on September 12 (in San Siro, against Ukraine), Italy will be a good part of the qualifiers at the European. He will do so without clearing the head that has accumulated in recent days due to the controversies stemming from the rigid stance of Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis on the clause (“step up”: on September 1st it will be like this). up to 2.5 million euros) included in the contract with Napoli.


The hope of Spalletti and the FIGC is to be able to cushion the burden of a legal dispute, beyond the currently very tense relations with his ex-club, with the support of his son Samuele, a lawyer who uses the collaboration of the Milanese law firm Gattai and Minoli partners. Of course, should facing him be unavoidable, he will also be backed by the FIGC lawyers, who are currently out of the game as they have nothing to do with the matter. And together with the federation itself, Spalletti will, at this point, analyze in more detail the discussion about the compensation linked to the possible payment of the penalty provided for in the clause of his old contract with Napoli, without going into detail.

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