Spezia-Inter, Semplici: “Congratulations to the boys. I have found a group of values”


The words of Leonardo Semplici in the Post Spezia-Inter

“I congratulate the boys, we changed something at the end of the first half and were more balanced and played a good second half. When you take on a difficult situation, you need to create the self-esteem that the children may have lost. We try to bring in ideas, concepts and mentality. I’ve found a group with great availability and great values.”

Has the team adapted more to you or vice versa?

“Since I made my debut in Serie A they have given me the label 3-5-2, here we played as a four and expressed ourselves better. When you take over you find a difficult situation, we have a little self-esteem It’s a team that has to try and play the game against everyone, the opponent’s value was undisputed and we fought back shot after shot. We reacted well to the draw, we believed in it to the end. I did didn’t think about it, but on the outside they had these “moral qualities and techniques”.

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