Taibi, the gatekeeper who alone keeps Reggina alive


Maximum Taibi, 53, has been Reggina’s sports director since May 5, 2018. Playing in goal, he made Serie A history as one of only three goalkeepers to score from open play (the other two being Michelangelo Rampulla and Alberto Brignoli). It happened on April 1, 2001, during the Reggina-Udinese game: winning header after a shot from the flag. Twenty-two years later, Taibi He still defends Reggina, and not only in a metaphorical sense: for this he deserves admiration, solidarity and support. Feeling that Amaranth fans don’t skimp on him because as one fan posted on Instagram I apologize for the French language but I quote verbatim: “Taibi is a man with balls“. Put yourself in his shoes and tell yourself if someone else in his place wouldn’t have already given up. At the culmination of a summer of stamped papers, appeals, counter-appeals, verdicts, appeals and counter-appeals, The club have been banned from Serie B and are now awaiting the decision of the Council of State, to be announced on August 29th. The proprietary riot never ends: Cardona resigned after learning Saladini was selling to an unspecified English fund As a director he has named the film entrepreneur Manuele Ilari, who has just got in touch, has resigned from his post and announced his intention to sell. Saladini explained to the Gazzetta del Sud: “Discussions are currently underway between institutions and entrepreneurs who may be interested in taking over the club“.