Tennis, Indian Wells: Alcaraz dominates Medvedev and returns to number one in the world


The Spanish phenomenon, who defeated Sinner in the semifinals, clearly beats the Russian in the final and once again undermines Djokovic from the top of the world rankings

Let’s get comfortable, gentlemen, because another Martian has landed on the tennis planet and has every intention of colonizing the territory like never before on Independence Day. Carlos Alcaraz wins the third Masters 1000 of his career at the age of not even 20 and undermines Novak Djokovic from the world throne again, becoming number one in the world again. And he did all of this by beating Daniil Medvedev in the Indian Wells final, which was overthrown by the Iberian Fury in a decided 6-3, 6-2 in an hour and ten minutes. The Russian stops at 19 consecutive games won, which had brought him three tournaments (Dubai, Doha and Rotterdam): he failed at poker, but against this Alcaraz (15 to 1 in 2023, only beaten by Norrie). the final in Rio de Janeiro) was very busy.


It has often been talked about the room for improvement of the opponents of this phenomenal Murcian teenager, but the truth is that he keeps improving and leaving everyone speechless. Alcaraz sometimes still plays as a boy, without that tactical acumen that made Rafael Nadal, for example, legendary at his age, but it can be overflowing, almost irrepressible, when it lights up. The Spaniard has an incredible variety of shots at his disposal and, paradoxically, he sometimes takes too many risks and makes mistakes (like in the semi-final against Sinner, also thanks to the Italian at the time) , but when he burns, I cause trouble for everyone. Thanks also to Juan Carlos Ferrero, a coach who fits perfectly with the exuberance of Alcaraz, who during the game talks to his player, who always hits the right strings, not necessarily from a tactical point of view, but above all from a mental one, almost to want to calm him down and to Bring some sanity: It’s no small matter.


Honestly, there’s no point in commenting on the game that was almost an execution. Totally unexpected as everyone expected a life and death fight. Instead, they’re ready to go and Alcaraz immediately takes a break with a deadly 12-3 run. with an Alcaraz he traveled with a staggering 80% of firsts (not even one breakpoint allowed in-game) and with an impressive counter-aggression (three breakpoints converted in three in-game attempts). After losing the first set 6:3 without an objection, the 19-year-old Spaniard started the second even stronger, even closing in on the 4:0. By this time, Medvedev had already raised the white flag and Larry Ellison, the 78-year-old landlord and owner of Oracle, always in the front row, was even a little bored with it all. The 6-2 in the final was almost a liberation for the Russian in a night he would like to forget as soon as possible. It ends with Alcaraz in triumph, with the eighth tournament won in his career and world no. To last long, the Iberian now needs to win in Miami and repeat last year’s success to attempt the Sunshine Double that only ten (between men and women) have managed in history, not least Roger Federer in 2017 But for this Alcaraz even that doesn’t seem like an impossible task.

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