the first four in three points


The Easter surprises in futsal are all in a new lead and piling up there, with the top four within three points. at least until April 14th, when the virtual leaders Feldi Eboli will win the home game against Fortitudo Pomezia. Meanwhile, “‘a nuttata” for Napoli passed.


The Neapolitan team lost 2-1 in Padua to the precarious Petrarch of Oitomeia (double) but in the second half the Azzurri turned things around and with a 6-0 run they went 7-2 and recovered, albeit temporarily at the top of the classification.


But behind them, hardly anyone gives up. L’Olympus Rome this time they made no mistake against the Nuova Comauto Pistoia, who imposed a draw on D’Orto’s side in the first leg: the Blues defeated the former Fratini 4-1 to earn their second straight success. Celebrate those too Pescara, who beats Ciampino Aniene 3-2 in Sulmona and stays in third place in the company of Olympus Roma. Campania Derby Sandro Abate Avellino, who has no problems against a super revised Real San Giuseppe: the 6-0 is worth the follow-up to Came Dosson, stopped at eye level by the Italservice Pesaro of the former Murilo Schiochet, author of the final 2-2. There L84 Torino continues to enjoy midweek success in the Division Cup, beating already relegated Città di Melilli (doubles 6-3) on the island and securing a place in the Scudetto playoffs.


The pre-Easter round ends the important winning streak (four wins and one draw) of a Meta Catania shipwrecked on another island, the Sardinian one. The success of 360GG Monastir It is very difficult in terms of saving: Podda’s Sardinians go all the way to the playout area, which makes Petrarch slip from last place to third place.


This i Results of Matchday 26 of Serie A New Energy: City of Melilli – L84 3:6, 360GG Monastir – Catania 4:3, Sandro Abate Avellino – Real San Giuseppe 5:0, Olimpus Roma – Nuova Comauto Pistoia 4:1, Futsal Pescara – Ciampino Aniene 3-2, Came Dosson – Italservice Pesaro 2-2, Petrarca – Napoli Futsal 2-7, Feldi Eboli – Fortitudo Pomezia (April 14, 8:30 p.m., live stream on Futsal TV). classification: Napoli 53, Feldi Eboli 52, Futsal Pescara and Olimpus Roma* 50, Sandro Abate Avellino and Came Dosson 46, L84 42, Meta Catania 36, ​​Fortitudo Pomezia, Real San Giuseppe** and Ciampino Aniene 34, Italservice Pesaro 30, 360GG Monastir 30, Petrarch 25, Nuova Comauto Pistoia 17**, City of Melilli 4. *3 penalty points, **1 penalty point.

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