The Hungarian shot was invented in Bari. Schianchi's great inventions


A conclusion from the outside, especially, inexorable: it all started in 1924, there was the Bari derby between Liberty and Ideale and a boy named Janos…

Who invented the Hungarian shot? Where, when and why? And above all: what is it? Questions that require remembering. Way back, almost a century. Ninety-nine years old, to be exact. In fact, on an autumn day in 1924, the Italians learned this strange exercise in which the ball was hit not with the inside of the foot or even with the neck, but with the outside of the foot. The author of the gesture was Janos Hajdu, a 26-year-old Hungarian attacking midfielder who had just been signed by Liberty Bari. Due to the origin of the inventor, the shot was called “Hungarian style”. The audience's amazement at Hajdu's delicate touch was immense.

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