The law of Grosso and the little train from Mignani to A


Bari rises sharply, bending an ambitious Venice capable of playing it equal to the spaceship for long stretches. Mignani’s train heads straight for the A thanks to a performance by Bellomo, who raises his hands to the sky in search of his father. But the night also says Frosinone. Anyone who dared to think of a tested group after the unexpected home defeat against Parma will have to recalculate. Also because there has been only one certainty this season for quite some time, and that is Fabio Grosso’s team. Far from the setback the Stirpe suffered against Pecchia, the Ciociaria formation shook poor Spal and perhaps opened the doors for another turn. In the end, behind the two in front, the big party belongs only to Bari, who put their breath on Genoa’s neck, which is now just a point higher.

SIR CLAUDIO WILL NOT OPEN – Ranieri’s Cagliari proves an annoying and solid opponent against Gilardino’s side, who suffer under the Rossoblùs but do not give in to a clear territorial dominance while remaining sterile in the goal area. The Sardinians miss a big chance to look up and need to focus on the playoff perimeter, at least for now, which isn’t Ranieri’s only goal. Ascoli tries to get into the fray with the Blitz in Modena. Breda doesn’t fight and it’s clear that he won’t even settle for easy salvation. He has returned to fuel the ambitions of patron Pulcinelli, who invoked him in exactly the same way so as not to end up in anonymity. Apparently not even Bisoli is satisfied who continues to exist up there. In the area of ​​the Heilswohnung rest. Actually panic around the corner. For South Tyrol has no intention of sparing a witch who is too overworked not to lead to merciful judgments.

STELLONE WITHOUT AIM – The defeat is bitter for Stellone who curses and almost wants to leave and score goals since Simy forgot how to do it. What to avoid, however, is drama. The ranking is very short and has yet to be written. That’s why another Benevento is needed to avoid trouble. Also in the spotlight is Macerata’s Marco Monaldi, who would have imagined a different debut at B. Instead, Valeri is out due to muscular problems – not before nullifying a Nandez goal for offside and converting a penalty into a free-kick Rand with the ‘help from the Var – the young referee launches from the marks. We had to start somewhere!