Trento, Sbertoli’s protégé: “Perugia is stronger but we are not afraid”


The director: “They’re the team to beat, the pressure is all on them. With Giannelli, we fit in perfectly with the national team.”

Let’s start at the end. The adrenaline of a two and a half hour game in which Sbertoli, Cavuto and Lavia led Marco Mengoni, ruler of the Sanremo Festival, to victory. “We contacted Marco via social media during the World Cup. He had made posts in which he fired us, we wrote to each other. Then when we started the charity project to record a song (before Christmas, ed., he gave us a lot of support. So we thought about inviting him to the game when we went to Milan He agreed. And at the end he told us that we gave him some heart attacks because of the constant blows in his face… But he had a lot of fun – says Riccardo Sbertoli, 24, who grew up in school in Segrate and about Milan came to Trento – also because the Allianz Cloud was really a show on Sunday night. It was also a really good game”.


“It’s also a good game – continues the director of Itas, who turns 25 in May -: Oddly enough, on Saturday in Rome Trento-Milan will also be the semi-finals of the Italian Cup. I can’t tell you if you play again against the same opponent unless a week later it’s an advantage or not.We were expecting a game like this on Sunday, we needed points to try and finish the regular season in second place.We knew that Milan are a very strong team and they made all clubs suffer more, see Civitanova in the Italian Cup, I think Allianz played at the top of their potential in the first two sets, which got us into trouble were good at staying compact there, tough because we knew if a place had been created we would have slipped in. What happened then. But Saturday will be a different game. Very different, not just because it’s a one-off game.”


“We’ve been waiting for these finals for a while – Sbertoli continues -. Ever since we beat Modena in the quarter-finals. The Final Four are exciting to play. Let them tell others that we’re Perugia’s main opponents. We know that this year.” We played 4 times and lost 4 times: twice 3-2 and twice 3-1. So we hope to be the opponents, but until now Perugia had no rivals. Then, when I watch the games with them, I have to say that we submitted something in Perugia, we managed to stay close to them through several stretches of the game. We will try again but we also know that if you end up facing this Perugia you have to do your best and it may not be enough to win. We know that. But it doesn’t stop us. Inevitably, the weight is now on their side as it is clear they will be the big favorites in the cup. We will arrive as challengers.”

Giannelli and Trento

Sbertoli is very well found in Trento. “It was like that straight away. I’ve found an environment where I’m serene, I enjoy going to the gym every day. Even on long journeys, there is always a good atmosphere between us. And with so many experiences and trips, this relationship only grows stronger. I’m very happy with this trip.” The relationship with Giannelli, director of Perugia and the national team? “We talk very often, including yesterday. As club opponents during the season, but also as friends. And it’s nice to be able to work together in the summer. We have very different personalities and I think that helps the relationship a bit too. I like preparing the games with him and then discussing the opponents. Him from the field and I from the bench and sharing feelings. We support each other well and manage to give the team a little more. I think we create a good asset for the national team. The competition? There’s a lot in training, we even argued during games. But I certainly don’t want to steal his place, he spent two summers at a very high level. And also thanks to him we have achieved these results in the last two years… Then of course we take the owners around “Usually you win, we trained you” we told them after the World Cup. That also strengthens the relationship…”.

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