“Turin dominated. Then Zapata comes along and scores you a goal like that…”


TURIN“We played a great game, we just lacked a bit of cunning”: is the synthesis, to the microphones from Sky, from the coach from TurinIvan juryon the race with theAtalanta: “But the boys were exceptional: they didn’t get upset after the goal. I’m sorry for the result, I think they’re great for what they’re doing this year and how they’re playing. The regret is there, we don’t have it deserve to lose. Sanabria? He played a great game, he kept all the balls, he let us play, I think it’s been a completely different thing for the past 3-4 months: playing out all his qualities, giving up others, it took time, he’s a player with quality . We lack the quality a bit, sometimes we had to cross better, in the first half there was often a lack of quality. The difference toAtalanta inside the rose is: enter zapata and he scores a goal like that, what do you have to do?”. Fun curtain then with the study: jury went last monday to see thoseAtalanta and was immortalized with a sandwich. The grenade technician laughs: “I need that sandwich and a beer… We had to play themAtalanta and we went to see it. But a sandwich before a game is a great thing…“. jury then back to the season balance sheets: “With the Turin After a seventeenth place and a save on the last day, we did well. Strong players left, but we got two more points, I’m very proud of that. Losing better players isn’t as easy as taking Radonjic who has been fantastic in the last two games: but it has taken some time to get him to this level. In my opinion, we make the maximum of the maximum in every respect. It’s not easy to start from scratch: you find strong people and less strong people. In the summer we canceled friendlies due to a lack of players. I want to raise the level. We caused the suffering Lazio and it was we who dominated against themAtalanta“, he concluded jury.