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Khalaili’s decisive shot in the eighth minute of added time. The Israelis meet the winners Brazil-Tunisia

At the U20 World Cup, the European runners-up Israel also fly through to the quarter-finals, where they mock Uzbekistan in the 98th minute after a balanced duel and a free-kick on both sides. The Israelis are waiting for the winner of Brazil-Tunisia.


The fight between the Asian champions and the European runners-up is much more balanced and competitive, albeit much more stingy with emotions. The Israelis performed better in the dribbling phase, but it was the Uzbeks who tried more dangerously in the opening 45 minutes, marked by a truss on either side: the first met Abed in the 14th minute, hitting the linkage left by Boymurodov, second was by Uzbek, with Esanov shooting a plate off the bar from a few yards out in the 20th minute. Thanks to the initiative of wingers Fayzullaev and Esanov, Khaydarov’s team was the most proactive right from the start of the second half, the Israelis instead used their own initiative and created the best chances: in the 61st minute with a powerful middle-distance attack In the 90th minute there was a shot von Turgeman went just wide and Shibli was able to send a nice low cross to the outside of the net for a comfortable push on goal. However, the last quarter of an hour is all about Israel. Despite the substitutions, the Uzbeks were left with nothing and Haim’s side kept pushing until they scored the winner at the last moment thanks to a 98th-minute touch from Khalaili in the scrum. Then there is only time for the final whistle that opens the Israeli party.

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