Udinese-Juventus | Sottil: “I’m disappointed. You can’t give time away”


The Juventus coach analyzed the defeat by raising various issues. Here are his words to the Dazn mics

Here are the words from Andrea Sotil to Dazn’s mics in the aftermath of the 3-0 defeat on his debut against Juventus.

What are you taking home from this defeat?

“It’s not good to go 3-0. When a team knows how to make certain plays, they always make them. We knew we were playing against a battleship, but we shot ourselves in the leg.” We left timidly. We gave him a goal, a penalty and then 3-0, although we don’t understand the parable of a cross that well. We didn’t play any personality in the first half and I’m sorry about that because that doesn’t suit us.”

A comment on Samardzic?

“We’ve lost several key players but what pisses me off is this damn transfer market, especially with that in mind Samardzic. Laki was in Milan for four days, then he came back and of course he didn’t train with the team. Let’s take the second half home with us. You can lose, but you have to play the games to the full.”

The words of the master

Was it a mental component?

“Surely it was mental even though I saw the guys being loaded during the week. We didn’t do any specific climbs. For example, Ebosele It had to fail first because of Alex Sandro. Then they’re good, but we didn’t implement what we had prepared tactically. We came out in the second half, but it’s not enough at this level. Especially when you play with well-equipped teams like Juve.” Staying in the game, here are the ratings assigned to players. Here are the testimonies of the meeting <<

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