Volleyball: Conegliano, great comeback in Chieri. Bergamo passes Cuneo


The Italian champions go down 2-0 but then recover and win. The Lombards bring home two difficult points in Piedmont

Florence-Macerata 3-0 (25:23, 25:18, 25:23) Il Bisonte continues his winning streak (three straight wins) by beating Macerata at home. A clear 3-0, but also suffering, because Balducci never gave up, even when she seemed to be on the verge of collapse. The formation coached by Parisi easily goes 18-12 in the first set with an excellent performance against the block, also taking advantage of opponents’ mistakes. But from here a different game really begins. The Marches put on a 5-0 run and got back into the game with Chaussee, Okenwa and Ricci pushing from the bench. A block by Fiesoli on an attack by Nwakalor marks the moment of engagement at 20-20. In this difficult situation, Malinov relies a lot on his opponent, who brings Florence forward. At 24-23 for the Tuscans, an error on serve by Molinaro delivering the first set to the opponent. Florence starts from the wall, or rather from the wall: she hits three and immediately goes into the second set 6:2. Macerata doesn’t give up and tries to stay in the slipstream, but overtaking Herbots and Sylves is no easy task this afternoon. The second part is definitely that of Herbots (7 personal points), little served in the first faction but driving force in the continuation of the game. Alhassan’s entry into the field was also good for Graziani. Paniconi instead only gets good power from the middle and little or none from the wings. It’s up to Nwakalor to give his team a 2-0 lead with a blockout. Macerata manages to start better in the third (7-5 ​​above) despite the hard hit he suffered. It’s a moment, just enough time, to reorganize the Bisons, well guided by a Malinov trying to get back to the pre-crisis levels that led to his split from Scandicci. Great character on the field from both teams. Chaussee is particularly excited, pushing Balducci to the 21-21. Herbots attacks and the guest overtakes. The Belgian makes up for that with the big wall of the counter-overtaker. Alhassan mimics her teammate and is 24-22. The match ends with another miss on serve, this time by Malik. Florence feels playoffs again, Macerata still urgently needs salvation points, within its own mini-league, in which Perugia and Pinerolo also participate: only one of these three remains in A1. (Stefano del Corona)

Chieri Conegliano 2-3 (27-25, 25-21, 21-25, 17-25, 9-15) A point worth a lot for Reale Mutua Fenera Chieri, snatched from the Pluri champion of Prosecco Doc Imoco Conegliano. Over two hours of play that ended in the tie-break (9-15) and offered intense emotions in a completely sold-out PalaFenera. Conegliano reopened the game 2-0 down, taking advantage of the hosts’ slight tiredness in the closing stages. The first movement begins with a remarkable balance, as if the two formations were still studying each other. A diesel start in which Conegliano leads, albeit limitedly, and is caught up several times by Chieri: sometimes 13-13 and again 22-22. A more foul Chieri from nine meters, but equalizes with the fundamental block. In the end, the biancoblù picked up two set balls from the Imoco and ended the second attempt with a lead of 27:25. Chieri returns to the field due to the momentum of the previous set’s ending and attempts a stretch, taking advantage of an opponent’s empty pass. Halfway through the set, however, Conegliano gets back on track and also benefits from a small change in the squad. The percentages are slightly in favor of Chieri, who ends up winning the partial result 25-21. Coach Santarelli’s call to his girls can be heard right at the start of the third set, from the opening 0-4. By carefully reconstructing each ball, the home side manage to catch up to 13-13 and play point by point into the next part of the partial. Conegliano makes up for too many mistakes from nine yards with a super round that Squarcini serves right in the final part of the set with 3 straight aces allowing opponents to stay in the game and close 21-25. Chieri restarts in the fourth set and hits the gas pedal, 7-2. But then the panthers, who certainly don’t want to watch, come back quickly; They set the arrow and overtook a Chieri who was starting to get a little tired both mentally and physically. There are eight set balls that enable the opponent to close the fourth set 17:25 to his advantage and bring the match into the fifth and decisive set. Chieri starts 2-0, but Conegliano finds the right shots and extends the winning streak of attacks and blocks from 4-4. After the field change to 5-8 and a few exciting video checks, even Chieri’s last ball and last spark went out. This tenth encounter between the two teams marks the first point snatched from Chieri by Imoco, who for the third time this season did not finish the game with full points (after the tie-breaker with Busto and Scandicci winning outright), but continued anyway . the way to the top of the class. MVP title for Isabella Haak, for her 30 points with 37% in attack. (Gabriele Giovine)

Vallefoglia 3-1 Pinerolo (29:27, 15:25, 28:26, 25:16) Playoff Mission. The Megabox tames Pinerolo with great effort and takes a step forward towards the goal for the season. The guests fight with all their might and lose two sentences to the advantages: they deserve a little more. But when it comes down to it, the Megabox doesn’t forgive – even if it’s not for the best night. In the first set, the guests start stronger: 2-5, 3-6, 5-10 with the all-Italian sextet. Wash54Green has a lot of enthusiasm and runs away at 8-14. Kosheleva appeases the pause that brings the locals closer together (13-15), then dad steps in in his place to fix the reception. New external extension: 15-19, Drews takes care of megabox recovery (18-19). Mancini assists 21 all, the first local advantage comes at 22-21 but it’s a fight. 23-23, 23-24. A super zago is not enough, Pinerolo wastes four set points while Vallefoglia takes advantage of the first: 29-27. Second part: 3-8, 4-9, tears and counter-tears, 6-13, Pope is there for Kosheleva. The Piedmontese dictate the law, Mafrici finds no countermeasures to contain them. Pope steps in for Drews, 6-15, 12-20, Piedmontese place 8 walls in set. Vallefoglia is out: 13-21, 15-25. Marchiaro’s side are confident (3-4 in the third set), but they go hand in hand: 5-5. Kosheleva pushes to 12-9 but in an amen it’s 13-13. Megabox leads 19-15, then Pinerolo makes up for it with Carletti and Akrari (19-18). It’s an uncertain game, 22-20, 23-23. We arrive at 24-24, the home side convert the third set point and the dividers 28-26. Wash4Green had one, unused. Fourth set: 5-2, 8-4 with Kosheleva, 10-7, 12-9, the Marches lead with Hancock sorting well. Vallefoglia tries to stretch (14-10, 16-11), it goes on velvet. Guest services is down and it’s 21-13 we end up in the carriage (25-16). (Camilla Cataldo)

Cuneo-Bergamo 2-3 (20:25, 25:19, 25:16, 23:25, 10:15) Half-satisfied coach Gandini, who is on the A1 bench for the first time since Zanini’s sacking at a difficult time for Cuneo’s mental balance. Cuneo Granda Volley loses the match against Bergamo in the tie-break. For the Lombards two valuable points for the ranking, for the “cats” a point that moves little in the ranking. For Cuneo it’s the fifth consecutive defeat, also in the Italian Cup, and now it’s really about position in the table. Bergamo was able to react to the difficult phases of the game: they lost the two central sets but recovered. Kuznetsova scores 23 points, top scorer of the game, Gicquel 22, Lanier 17. Butigan was named player of the game. Cune gained confidence, Bergamo proved a difficult team to beat. Cuneo stays ahead in the first set only in the first fraction, the tie comes down to point number 6. Bergamo starts 6-9 with Lorrayna protagonist along with Butigan (10 points in two) keeping a safe distance. Gicquel fights for Cuneo Granda Volley /6 points, 67%). Bergamo’s serve is effective and Stufi’s block (the ex) on Gicquel is important for 11-14. Bergamo still scores with Lanier’s diagonal and coach Gandini asks for a time-out. Ace Butigan for 16-21, then Lorrayna closes 20-25. Cuneo has 38% in attack, Bergamo 48. Bergamo’s team has only 25% in reception but Cuneo doesn’t take advantage of it. Set ends 20-25. Cuneo Granda does everything right in the second set. He attacks with 41%, defends even better (41% perfect and 71 positive) and takes home 4 walls. Kuztnetsova is the best of the “Cats” with 7 points from all positions, including the final acceleration that takes away the fear of a comeback from the rivals. Signorile sorts well, only Lanier is enough for Bergamo (4 points). It ends 25-19 (ace Kuznetsova) and 1 set all. Volley Bergamo 1991 lets go at the wrong time and the Cuneo players are ready to play a “robbery” set, taking advantage of the opponent’s decline: the Lombards can’t get past 21% in attack and 21% positive in reception ( only 1 error point ). Cuneo always ahead, Gennari tries to “shake” with the 12-7 ace, but the trend is in favor of the home side: Muro Gicquel on Butigan and another block from Cecconello on Lorrayna: 17-8. Partenio appears for May and Signorile plays mainly in the center: 12 points in the set between Hall and Cecconello (2 aces). The semifinals ends 25-16 and Cuneo leads in sets: 2-1. Bergamo starts strong and is not ready to leave the Cuneo field inglorious: 0-7 and only the hall wall interrupts the series. The “Cats” are slowly regaining points and confidence (8-12). Gandini challenges Signorile to beat Cagnin and it’s 12-13. The phase of great balance begins: Gicquel accelerates, Lorrayna has some difficulties (within Frosini): 21 all. Gennari’s block against Szakmary is important: 22-23 and coach Gandini requests a time-out. Lanier shows a great diagonal (22-24), Kuznetsova reacts (23-24, 8 points for her) and in the second set Bergamo doesn’t make a mistake with Lanier (23-25, 8 points for the American). Fifth set: Bergamo starts strong (1:7), Cuneo doesn’t build or shoot out. Type Caruso for center reverb. Gicquel switches to (2-7), scores the ace (3-7) and the point 5-8. Partenio and Butigan (good serve) make the score 5-11. Hall returns for Cuneo. Bergamo keeps the lead and doesn’t give up. Lanier closes: 10-15 and tiebreak for the Bergamo players. (Gianni Scarpace)

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