Volleyball, Rosamaria: From Depression to the Italian Dream with Busto


The Brazilian counterpart (with a double pass) talks about himself between crises and fashion projects: “In Italy I discovered the mountains. For my birthday, I want to give myself a win over Milan.”

Peter Razzin

Brazilian sympathy mixed with Italian concreteness. Rosamaria Montibeller, recently awarded the double pass, is appreciated year after year by Italian volleyball lovers. Not just from the UYBA Busto Arsizio fans waiting for him to be a protagonist in the E-Work Arena again after three absences: “I’ve been suffering from an annoying plantar fasciitis for a while. In consultation with the club, we decided to fix this problem. We’re fighting for a place in the playoffs, I want to experience the postseason with my teammates. I hope to return as soon as possible.”

“There has been significant progress in the past few days. I would like to be on the pitch on Sunday. Let’s see: three weeks without championship games will certainly not be easy to cope with.”

Ever since she’s been in Italy, she’s always been a defining factor for her teams.

“Except for the year in Novara where I didn’t play much. But it’s true: I was consistently among the top 3 in the championship. That makes me proud, even if I always put the group results above the personal ones.” .

Perugia, Casalmaggiore, Novara, Busto Arsizio: Have you already found your favorite place?

“My cousin’s family lives in Trento: when I visit him and look at the mountains, I feel a sense of peace and serenity. I love these landscapes. It’s something I’m never used to in Brazil.”

With the Brazilian national team, he won a lot (silver at the last World Cup) and shared great international experiences.

“I will never forget the Olympics. I was at the highest level an athlete can aspire to. I met so many champions of all sports and took a picture with Novak Djokovic. Being present at events of this kind means doing something important to have.” own career. It’s an insane confidence boost.”

Confidence he lost in late 2017 while battling depression.

“I’m coming from a great year with the national team: I couldn’t take the pressure of expectations around me. I was young and I didn’t want to talk to nobody”.

“With the help of industry professionals. There is no shame in asking other people for support: this journey allowed me to express my insecurities and to understand where the unease came from. To this day, I speak to a therapist who helps me manage emotions.”

How do you deal with stress before a big game?

“I try to think more with my head than with my heart: I tell myself that it’s a volleyball game where I have to repeat my usual technical and athletic gestures. And that’s because I never want to lose, whether it’s a friendly or a World Final.”

Do you have any pre-game routines?

“I try not to get attached to objects or habits. Most of the time I make the sign of the cross and pray for myself and my companions. And then I always have a necklace with my family photo with me.”

Speaking of jewellery, can you tell us something about your work as an entrepreneur?

“Today, volleyball is my world, but I also want to look ahead. This is how the first jewelry collection was born, which I present on the website www.byrosamaria.com.br: I am fortunate to have collaborators who allow me to make decisions with very clear ideas. And then I have the example of Mother Adelir: she was always an independent woman, capable of making responsible decisions even at work”.

“I also prepare news in the world of cosmetics and beachwear. Will I be the model of the campaign? I think so. Maybe not alone.”

With all those busy schedules, do you find time to relax?

“I like to paint, especially abstract figures. I’m not very talented, I’ll admit that. I have family members who are better than me. But somewhere in my DNA is this ability.”

“Although I come from an area of ​​Brazil colonized by the Italians, when I moved I got to know, accept and appreciate what was different from my culture and my habits. Both in daily life and in running volleyball in different clubs.”

In Italy she established herself as an opponent, but in Brazil she also played as a spiker.

“I’m an atypical opposite: I play on technique, I’m not very, very high. It was Ze Roberto who took me to fourth place. He was my coach when I was 19: I have to thank him because I learned a new role paved many paths for me, especially with the national team.”

How many thanks and compliments do you get from your followers on Instagram (one million three hundred thousand)?

“A lot, but unfortunately I can’t read them all. I like promoting Rosamaria “from Volley”. I try to show the best of myself because I want to inspire young people. It’s a real gift to be able to be so close to people.”

What gift would you like instead for your birthday, which is just around the corner?

“First of all, I want to beat Vero Volley Milano because we will be on the pitch the night before, April 8th. Then I would ask nothing more than an outdoor lunch, with lots of sun, teammates, Brazilian and Italian friends”.

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