Water Polo, Women’s Championship Final: Roma come back from Horizon and win 13-12


Even with a five-goal deficit (4:9), the home side prevailed in the sprint with 13:12: On Wednesday they go to Catania. The men’s final is still Pro Recco-Brescia

The field factor is also maintained this time, but with a touch. Roma, who were always victorious in the home games of the regular season that were in the lead, made the 1st game of the championship final with Orizzonte (13:12), after losing even five goals in the second half (9:4 ). A great comeback in a challenge full of emotions, marked by a wild Giustini (four goals) and nervousness (the coaches Capanna and Miceli were kicked out). Scary final minutes: At 11-11, the Azzurri of all people realized two numerical superiorities, then Marletta hit the crossbar with -1’40” a penalty, then Palmieri equalized at the end. A first revenge after Orizzonte’s success in the semifinals of the Italian Cup (13-10). Center forwards Galardi and Cocchiere also shine for the Romans. For the guests – reigning champions – the hat-tricks of Marletta and Viacava. It will be played to the best of five: Match 2 takes place in Catania on Wednesday (at 6pm) and returns to Rome on Saturday 13th. Possible match-4 on 17th, match-5 on 21st. All matches on RaiSport. In the first leg for third place Padua-Trieste 11:1.


In the men’s A-1, two games are enough to determine the finalists (no surprises): Pro Recco and Brescia face off for the eleventh straight year. The champions beat Telimar 18-9 in the first leg 11-5 in Palermo. The Lombards, who came back 9-8 in the first leg against Ortigia, are also suffering in Syracuse but they emerge 11-8. Finals on May 16th and 20th, possibly nice on May 27th on the field of Recco’s team, leader in the regular season. The Sicilian derby awards third place for Champions League qualification.

SIS ROM: Eichelberger, Misiti, Galardi 3, Carosi, Giustini 4, Ranalli 3 (1 penalty), Picozzi, C.Tabani, Nardini, Di Claudio, A. Cocchiere 2, Andrews 1 penalty, Galbani. Alles. Hut.

EKIPE HORIZON: Condorelli, Halligan 2, Grasso, Viacava 3, Gant, Bettini 2, Palmieri 2, Marletta 3, Gagliardi, Williams, Longo, Leone, Celona. flock micelles.

REFEREE: Brazilian and Calabrian.

NOTE: great NO. Roma 11 (7 goals), Horizon 15 (7). At 30’20 Marletta takes a penalty (crossbar). Out of. 3 f. Ranalli on 28′, Viacava on 29′, Giustini on 30′. Adv. Capanna and Miceli for protests.

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