“We made every effort to be here.” Then the background to the assist


ROME – A spell from Luis Alberto for the goal Provedel. Assisted the last-second kiss for the goalkeeper’s goal that contributed to the 1-1 draw against Atlético Madrid. The Magician spoke on Sky Sport about the Champions League game and beyond: “This draw counts as a win. We deserved more, the approaches were right. A goal like that, with a shot that went wide… However, the team always played with their senses. Football has to give you and.” Today he gave with a goal from Provedel. He knows me well, he was expecting the ball in this room. He scored a wonderful goal. We deserve to be here, we did so much to be in the Champions League. This is what we need. We need to keep improving, but this has to be the game of restart. On Saturday we have to win, we have to be bad. We have to get points in the championship.”

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