Who is Marta Donà, manager of Angelina Mango, who hugged Fiorello in tears?


Not even time to see it Angelina Mango Lots of blonde curls appeared backstage while singing “La Noia,” the winning song of the Sanremo Festival. Hugs with Angelina and then with Fiorello and Amadeus who, after seeing her in tears, invited her on stage. She is Marta Donà, “Latarma” in the world of entertainmentwho scored a hat trick: He started i Mane leatherwho won Sanremo and is one of his customers Marco Mengoni, winner last year and co-host this year, and actually Angelina Mango. She is very close to her, if only because Angelina is still very young (she is not yet 23 years old). Forty years old, partner, son, immediately after the victory she hugged the daughter of Pino Mango and Laura Valente for a long time and could not hold back her tears.

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