World champions win in the final


FUCKING bad luck

We start with a cross from a Merlim free kick. Portugal’s response was immediate: Pietrangelo saved from Tiago Brito and repeated before Sobral. There are hardly any friendly, intensive rhythms, chances on both sides: Merlim defends against Erick’s harmless shot, Motta attacks Correia hard. Blows of fate, the first half ended goalless. In the second half the world champions from Braz They benefit from a penalty for a foul by Musumeci on the powerful Zicky Té, but Pietrangelo refuses to close former Napoli Bruno Coelho. Merlim continues his personal battle with the Lusitanian goalkeeper: this time it’s Edu (who came on in place of Correia in the second half) who denies him the joy of the advantage. The Blue Star was very unlucky: After the crossbar in the first half, there was another blow. Wanting to win, Bellarte uses the goalkeeper again: Motta kicks on Merlim’s lap, Edu saves and at the restart André Coelho punishes the Portuguese advantage with an empty net. Italfutsal flowed into the opposition half: Edu was looking forward to Marcelinho, with a second remaining it was Pany Varela who replaced the Lusitanian goalkeeper, again Merlim prevented a 1-1 draw.


Massimiliano Bellarte can only be satisfied: “We don’t even look at the result,” comments the coach, “it was a moving game. We wanted to use the field keeper to try and win it, a decision not just mine but all the guys as well. I’m sure her future is bright. We are bringing home a game that cannot be described emotionally: Portugal is strong and we have shown that we are not that far off on our growth path.”

PORTUGAL 1-0 ITALY (0-0 pts)
Correia, Erick, Afonso, Pany, Zicky, Edu, A Coelho, Santos, Monteiro, Neves, Kutchy, B Coelho, Brito, Teixeira, Sobral. Coach Braz
ITALY: Pietrangelo, Musumeci, Merlim, Motta, Cutrupi, Bellobuono, Yaghoubian, Galletto, Etzi, Pazetti, Isgrò, Liberti, Donin, Cutrignelli, Raguso, Marcelinho. Coach Bellarte
MARKER: 19’03” St. A. Coelho (P)
NOTE: 11’29” Missed penalty, Bruno Coelho (P)
ADMONITES: Musumeci (I), Pazetti (I)
REFEREE: Ruben Santos (POR), Miguel Castilho (POR), José Moreira (POR), SCHEDULE: Tiago Silva (POR)

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