World Championships: Bertocchi-Pellacani in the 3-meter final, Pedotti is eliminated in figure skating


The two blue water jumpers are sixth and will be fighting for a great result. The single player stops. The other Italians in the water

At the World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, Elena Bertocchi and Chiara Pellacani qualified with the sixth result at the end of a competition for the synchronized 3m final scheduled at 7am Italian time (live on Rai 2 and Sky) in which they competed mandatory to improve. Seventh at the Olympics, gold at the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow, silver in Budapest 2021, Rome 2022 and bronze in Kraków a few weeks ago, the Milanese and the Romans together scored 277.41 points. The dream of the podium and Olympic qualification is upon us, but in the finals you need 300 points, if not the record 307.20 points it took for continental silver two years ago. Of course, the Chinese and reigning world champions Yani Chang and Yiwen Chen are at the top with 327.42; In second place are Americans Sarah Bacon and Kassidy Cook with 307.29, and Brits Yasmin Harper and Scarlett Mew Jensen with 294. Eliminations from the synchro platform with Giovannini and Timbretti are also in progress. Finals at 8.30am and 11am while Settebello di Campagna is about to make his debut against France.

Susanna fifth and stop

After the fifth place in the technical Susanna Pedotti drops out in the Libero del Solo. The 18-year-old Blue debutant finished 21st in the prelims with a 122.6167 (37.0167 for elements and 85.6000 for artistic impression) and was clearly disappointed. “It is like this with these new rules – explains the director Patrizia Giallombardo –. The goal is to get to the final, even if you risk a little, because after that you can decide whether you want to loosen up the routine or not. Susanna is young and promising. It will serve you as an experience. As soon as we are back in Italy we will do a small boarding school and then we will go to Portugal with the youth national team for the European Junior Championships.” Susanna is disappointed with the race (she missed four out of seven hybrids) but happy with her first world title. His romantic and tender Caruso liked the choreography and music, the performances and transitions, but they weren’t enough. “I got the base mark because I didn’t finish the rotations well – comments the individual woman who won silver in freewheeling and bronze in technique at the European Junior Championships in Alicante last summer – but I thought of everything. This is my exercise, I’ve done it before and getting better and better. Apparently it had to be like this. I keep fifth in the technical routine and I’m still happy with this experience, with the chance the federation gave me and I’m proud to have represented Italy in the individual at the World Cup.” She’s good too at school. He finished classical high school in Milan. “I graduated last month,” says the Italian from Busto Nuoto, coached by Stefania Speroni. “It went well, I graduated with 78/100.” In the written test, I chose the title dedicated to Marco Belpoliti’s text “Praise of Waiting in the WhatsApp Era”, which chose half of Italy. The oral treatment could have gone a little better, but I’m satisfied. I’m thinking about enrolling in medical school. I’ve already taken the entrance test, but I also have to wait and see how the artistic swimming season will go. If I can’t get to university right away, I do a gap year and try again the next. The idea is to steer me towards biomedical engineering.” The Italian junior champion’s season certainly doesn’t end here. On the contrary, he has the main date for his age group: the Eurojuniors in Funchal from August 2nd to 6th, where he will meet, among others, the French Laelys Alavez, who made an excellent impression by qualifying for the final of the free skate Routine with the twelfth and final useful result (150.4520). In first place in the provisional ranking is the world champion, the Japanese Inui Yukiko with 253.1853 points. The final of the men’s singles without the blues is scheduled for 7 a.m. and at 12.30 p.m. the final of the acrobatic exercise with the blue team, which wants to improve on ninth place in the preliminary round on Saturday. Francesca Zunino, Sophie Tabbiani, Sofia Mastroianni, Isotta Sportelli, Linda Cerruti, Alessia Macchi, Marta Iacoacci and Enrica Piccoli interpret the dragon (which was silver at the 2022 World Championships in Budapest) moving to the notes of Snap Rise of Evil Flags. Italy is back from a sensational silver medal in the technical duo with Cerruti and Ruggiero.

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