World Ski Championships: Gold for Pinturault on his home slopes in the combination


In the Courchevel slalom special, too, the Frenchman keeps the minimal lead over Black and wins the specialty again after 4 years. Third Haaser

Four years after Are in Sweden, Pinturault reclaims the gold in combined and does it on the slopes where he grew up and where he had the entire public on his side. After winning the Super-G race by a hair’s breadth ahead of Austria’s Schwarz, the Frenchman maintained his lead in the slalom race as well (Schwarz finished within 10 seconds). The other Austrian Haaser confirmed third place with 44 cents. Kilde, who was delayed after the first test, did without the slalom, as did Kriechmayr, who arrived with the fourth fastest time. Outside of Murisier, McGrath halves the gap after the Super-G but doesn’t get past fifth.

the blues

The only two Blues still in the running, Tobias Kastlunger and Giovanni Borsotti, had no chance of making the podium. Kastlunger finished seventh at 2:99 while Borsotti was eliminated in the first few goals. Outside they had come out in Super-G Paris and Casse

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